AsiaOTG Investigation Privacy Policy

What Information do you collect?

During our initial consultation with you, we will only ask you for basic information so that we can better understand your situation.  We will then be able to better provide you with a case strategy and cost for your case.

When you retain us to assist you, we will need more information.  We will ask that you provide your true name, address, preferred contact information and your billing information if you are paying by Credit Card.  We will also need pertinent information about the Subject (the person or company that we will be investigating).

What is my information used for?

The information that we obtain from you will be used for screening purposes and to know who our clients truly are.  We want to have an honest and professional relationship with our clients and we need to understand the purpose of the investigation.  That way we know that when we conduct an investigation for you, we are doing the right thing for the right reason and can diligently pursue the goals of the investigation.

The information that we obtain regarding the Subject of the investigation will be used to by our investigators to conduct the investigation.  The type of investigation we are doing will dictate the type of information we will need regarding the Subject, but we may need descriptive information, such as weight, height, hair color, vehicle information, etc.

How is my information protected?

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure.  We have established physical, electronic, and office procedures to safeguard all of the information that we collect.  Our computer systems have state-of-the-art firewalls and all files are stored on our SSL protected collaboration system, protected by the same encryption standards used by financial institutions.  We use Basecamp, which describes their security practices here.

Not every employee has access to case information. The investigators working your case have limited information and are only provided information on a need-to-know basis.

Your Credit Card transactions are handled through Paypal, using their security protocols.  We do not keep nor store your credit card information.

Do you disclose any information to third parties?

We do not release nor transfer your information to third parties.  It is possible that we could be required to release your information to comply with a duly authorized court order compelling us.  But this has never happened and we would notify you.  We may use anonymous and non-identifying information for our website or advertising as a testimonial, with your approval.

Is my information Confidential?

Every part of our professional relationship is confidential, starting with the initial consultation, even if you choose not to retain our services.

Once you do retain us, not only is the fact that you retained us confidential, but all information you provide us and we develop for you is confidential.

The only time confidentiality is not in effect is if you breach the contract or fail to pay us for our services.

This is our privacy policy.  It is a policy and neither party is contractually bound by this policy.  Any changes will be noted here.


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