Careful Collection of Evidence

Our China investigations and interviews of witnesses are documented in written, recorded or videotaped format according to the needs of our clients.  Our written statements are prepared in the hand of the witness, when possible. Our photos are date and time stamped.  Our scene inspections are measured and documented.  We understand that the goal is to document the evidence we collect in a way that preserves it’s evidentiary value.

Clear Reporting of Our Findings

Our reports to our client are our products. We take great care in addressing the individual issues raised in each case. Our reports are captioned according to the information required by the client. They are written to be as easy to read as possible, with a summary at the beginning and concise, accurate information under each of the captions.

Secure Collaboration

Our video footage, report and photograph are available to the client via our online workspace, accessible by user name and password. Client’s private workspace allows the client to view status, as it progresses, with no email trail, at client request.

For more information about us, read our About Us page.  To contact us about an investigation in China, please Contact Us, for a free consultation.