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Asia On-The-Ground China investigation provide comprehensive factory audits and investigations in China. As your on-the-ground representative, we investigate whether your suppliers in China are legal, operate their own factories, and the specific conditions inside the company or factory. This includes the actual factory environment, production lines, production equipment, compliance and accuracy of business licenses, certifications, and more.

The Importance of Factory Inspection

The global demand for goods and services is on the rise, prompting manufacturers to keep up with the pace by increasing their production output. To achieve this, factories have been forced to adopt new technologies, modern machines, and production methods that are more efficient, effective, and reliable. With these changes, factories need to undergo continuous inspection to ensure they meet manufacturing standards.

Factory inspection is a crucial process that aims at evaluating and assessing a factory’s compliance with set regulations and standards. The inspection process involves an inspector, usually from a regulatory body, visiting the factory site to evaluate the working conditions, production process, and occupational health and safety standards.

Inspection activities begin with a pre-inspection check where the inspector reviews the factory’s documentation, such as maintenance records, accident reports, worker training reports, among others, before initiating the inspection process.

During the inspection, the inspectors analyze various aspects of the factory operations, including:

1. Working conditions
Inspectors evaluate the conditions under which workers operate. These include the lighting, ventilation systems, temperature levels, noise levels, and the availability of personal protective equipment.

2. Production Processes
Inspector evaluates the process through which products are manufactured. They review the process, identify bottlenecks, and recommend corrective measures where necessary.

3. Environmental impact
Inspections focus on the factory’s environmental impact, such as air and water pollution, hazardous waste generation and management, and resource utilization. If a factory is found non-compliant, it can face hefty fines or closure.

4. Occupational Health and Safety Standards
All factories must adhere to specific Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines outlined by respective regulatory bodies. Inspectors ensure that the factory safety procedures are in compliance with the regulations.

Outcome of inspections can often result in the following:
– Quick compliance measures (ie: fix immediately missing firefighting equipment)
– Regular follow-up schedules to ensure continuous compliance with regulations
– Shutting down of production lines or entire factories in severe violations

In conclusion, the importance of factory inspection cannot be overlooked. Compliance is crucial, given that non-compliance can bring about dire consequences, including layoff of workers, regulatory fines, product recalls, and closure. Inspections help manufacturers to identify areas of improvements within the factory set-up and adhere to manufacturing standards to improve the quality of products produced. A safe working environment will boost employees’ morale, improve productivity, and increase customer satisfaction levels.

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