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Cheating Spouse Investigations / Surveillance

Asia On The Ground Investigation Company helps clients find the truth. Based on our years of experience, when you feel that your partner is cheating, there is around 90% chance that your feeling is correct. Asia On-The-Ground investigation company will help our clients find evidence so that they can know what decision to make.

How to Work with Us on Marriage / Infidelity Spouse Surveillance

We will collaborate with you to discuss the most likely times for a spouse to stray, whether it is during the commute home, the workday, or the weekend. Together, we will develop a strategy to minimize the necessary monitoring while maximizing the chances of catching the spouse in the act.

We have prepared an agreement that outlines the activities we will undertake and the associated costs. The agreement also guarantees complete confidentiality before, during, and after the investigation. Upon signing the agreement, you will pay a 50% deposit. We will not exceed the budget without your authorization.

You will provide us with a photo of the subject and their expected schedule and locations, including their home, workplace, gym, parking spots, and frequent destinations. You can identify their vehicle and any potential cheating partners you may know of. In certain cases, you may discreetly “leave town” to create a more favorable environment for the subject to cheat. We have established a secure means of communication with you via email, phone, or our online workspace that does not leave any evidence for the spouse to discover later.

We will conduct the surveillance in accordance with the agreed-upon strategy. Our agents will keep you informed of any developments, and we will cease the investigation when your questions are satisfactorily answered, but no less than 6 hours.

Upon completion of the investigation, we will submit a surveillance report that includes photographs and/or videos. Payment can be paid via WeChat, Alipay, PayPal, bank transfer, or cash deposit at a branch. If payment confidentiality is a high priority, we advise having a friend make the payment for you, or depositing cash into our bank account.