Missing Person Investigations in Shantou

Investigation on Chinese Dating Scam

For the past 15 years, thousands of foreign men and women have been searching for Chinese partners on the internet every year. Most potential spouses are honest and looking for a life partner. Unfortunately, some individuals and organizations prey on foreign men, trying to get them to send money and gifts to their future wives. Sometimes, there is no woman at all, and the foreign victim himself will chat with the criminal via text messages. Other times, it is the woman herself who communicates with several men and scams money from each one.

We often find that our clients’ communication with their future spouses is mediated and controlled by an elderly English-speaking woman who firmly stands between the man and woman. Without the man’s knowledge, the future spouse and interpreter typically come to an agreement, with the interpreter demanding a one-time fee for translation during the proposal and a large one-time fee at the time of marriage/immigration. The future spouse requests money to buy a computer, English lessons, or to help sick family members, but in reality, the money goes to the interpreter. Many times, the future spouse never sees the emails and messages going back and forth, and the love profession is actually between the man and the interpreter.

We have found that in most cases, the woman’s desire for marriage is honest, and she is not interested in money as the primary motivation. However, in most cases, significant false statements are made to our clients. Some actual examples are:

– She did not actually have a paying job, and creditors were attempting to collect from her
– She is living with her current boyfriend/husband
– She was communicating with other men and hosting them in China when they visited to meet her
– She provided a false name and fake address

When our investigation reveals these false statements (among others), some clients feel betrayed by their partners, and the relationship ends, while others confront their potential spouses and find their bond even stronger, with the air now cleared.

We offer international marriage investigation services, with the goal of resolving your concerns and uncovering the truth. Our approach involves a combination of surveillance, record checks, and elicitation to gather the information you need.

Typically, we monitor the target during their work hours to confirm their residency and employment status, and collect information on their employment history and situation. We also gather information from neighbors and potential family members in a discreet manner to develop insights on the target’s family situation. The target will not be aware of the investigation. We investigate information on parents, siblings, current or former spouses, and children. We usually conduct monitoring activities on Fridays or Saturdays after work hours to observe their social activities and related individuals.

This investigation typically takes 2-3 days and provides a snapshot of the subject’s current activities. Occasionally, we may encounter inaccurate information about the target’s identity or address, which may require additional time to locate their family address and reduce the time spent on social monitoring.

What we can promise is that we will make the most of our time and keep you updated on developments. We go the extra mile and have never received a complaint about the value of our services.

We use a flexible and adaptable approach in our investigations, utilizing different techniques that are tailored to fit each unique situation. In certain instances, we may opt to employ the services of a female undercover agent, who will engage the target in conversations about the advantages of dating someone from overseas, as well as other pertinent intelligence. Rest assured that you will play an active role in devising the plan of action, and we will only initiate clandestine communication with the target upon your approval.