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When your loved one is traveling, studying, or visiting China, they may not always be able to contact with you. International contact can become difficult and usually requires purchasing a phone card, which can be even more complicated if there are language barriers. If you cannot find your loved one, the first step is to contact the consulate of the nearest city where your loved one is located. The consulate can search their records and gather information about your loved one. Not all people registers their information with the consulate, but it is a place to contact and check.

In the event that your loved one’s information is not found in the consulate’s records, they may offer assistance in verifying immigration records in order to determine if your loved one is still present in China. It may require a few days. In case there is no evidence of your loved one’s departure from China and the consulate cannot provide prompt help, we can step in with the appropriate approval from family members.

We will start by looking for any available clues. Our investigators will conduct on-site investigations in the relevant locations. We will talk to friends, neighbors, schools, property managers, and security guards. We will display photos and collect possible information about their whereabouts. We coordinate with the police and hospitals. We post flyers and distribute them in Chinese and your language to relevant websites to contact the appropriate communities and spread information. If necessary, we coordinate with local and national media to provide more information about the missing person. We sincerely hope that you do not have to search for your missing loved one, but if you do, we can help.

Missing Persons: Some missing individuals opt to remain out of contact with loved ones and acquaintances. This decision may stem from personal reasons. Therefore, our protocol regarding missing persons who are 18 years and above involves locating them only upon request. We shall liaise with the missing person and inquire if they are open to being reached. We shall pass on any messages or information to them but shall not disclose their contact details without their consent. In the worst-case scenario, we can inform you that they are well but prefer not to be in touch. Ideally, we will not have to resort to this and can facilitate a call between you and your loved one.

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