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China Legal Investigation

AsiaOTG Investigation’s effective investigative and organizational skills assist our attorney clients in preparation for trial. We organize the witnesses and evidence, allowing our clients to concentrate on case strategy.

Conducting fact investigations: We pay close attention to the questions you need answered and answer the questions directly and completely.

Managing investigative cases: You need someone who understands your case strategy and can advance the case goals while preparing it for mediation. You need us to ultimately know what is needed for trial and to get it done. We are experienced in handling large cases for our law firm clients, allowing you to focus on the strategy of the case.

Witness Handling: We engender positive and friendly relationships with witnesses, when possible and make arrangements for their orderly presentation as witnesses, according to the case strategy and at the client’s convenience.

Mediation Packages: We assist attorneys by providing photographs of the scene, photos of the client or Subject; diagrams of the accident scene and in some cases, animation all assembled into a mediation package. The package tells the story of the accident and it’s catastrophic results and can be assembled for presentation at the mediation, or shared with decision makers prior to the mediation. This gives the claims committee a chance to see the client, the injuries and the liability picture prior to the mediation. This makes a very effective settlement tool.

Scene Investigation: We provide professional and representative photos, taken from an investigators stand point and detailing what is there, what can be seen from relevant locations and just as importantly, what cannot. We prepare diagrams of the scene, ready for introduction as exhibits.

Estate and Probate investigations: These investigations usually involve following a trail years old. We locate missing heirs and witnesses and uncover unknown or hidden assets. We can investigate the deceased person’s actual intentions prior to their death and lay the groundwork for a true and fair distribution of assets. We have a proven track record of conducting effective estate and probate investigations.

SCUBA Diving Investigations
AsiaOTG Investigation has experience with the issues and standards related to SCUBA diving liability cases. Call us to investigate the circumstances surrounding diving related accidents. We will interview witnesses, inspect equipment and collect evidence.

If you need a detailed analysis or investigation of a diving related incident in China, or Southeast Asia, we have the investigation experience and diving experience to conduct these unique investigations.   Diving in China is most common at Sanya, Hainan, China and the diving destinations of Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Bay, Beihai, Sai Kung, Thailand, Philippines, Palace, Bali, Indonesia, Coron island, Micronesia, Similan Islands, Buna Ken, Sipadan. Please give us a call.


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