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AsiaOTG Investigation provides Huizhou private investigator services for our attorney, business, insurance company and individual clients. We provide factory checks, background checks, due diligence, interviews, inspections, cheating spouse investigations and other types of investigation.

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Information about Huizhou

Huizhou in Guangdong Province, southeast, northeast end of the Pearl River Delta. South China Sea, Daya Bay in Huizhou City, south, and Shenzhen , Hong Kong, adjacent to Shenzhen, outside mainland China from Hong Kong in addition to the nearest city, is famous hometown. Huizhou municipal Pearl River Delta economic zone, the city has jurisdiction over benefits, the two areas and Boluo Huiyang District, Huidong County, Longmen County and three counties, with the Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone and High-tech Industrial Development Zone Zhongkai two national development zones . Land area of 11,200 square kilometers, accounting for the Pearl River Delta economic zone area of 1 / 4. Sea area of 4520 square kilometers, a coastline of 223.6 kilometers, is the largest city of Guangdong Province, one of the ocean.

Huizhou Private Investigator