International Marriage Investigations Shenzhen

China Family Law Investigation

AsiaOTG Investigation assists you with the investigation of family law matters, here in China.

China Divorce

For divorce, we can help you to confirm background, assets, current activities, business affiliation, previous marriages or divorces, children, criminal or civil history.

China Child Custody

For child custody matters, the issue is normally the location or health and safety of a child, while with a parent.  We know what to look for and how to best document these issues.  We understand how important it is to a parent that their child is safe and happy with the child’s other parent.  Let us assist you in getting the evidence you need, to put your mind at ease, or to use in court.

We also can assist with missing person cases, in which a non-custodial parent takes a child without permission.  We follow leads, conduct surveillance, canvass neighborhoods and work with police and the media to safely locate missing children.