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AsiaOTG Investigation conducts investigations to ensure the safety and well being of children, while away from one or both of their parents.

  • Verbal or physical abuse
  • Cohabitation with the child present
  • Drug and alcohol use with the children present
  • Unsafe activities – driving without a seatbelt, lack of care for child’s welfare
  • Child Neglect – child left alone or ignored
  • Any activity contrary to court order

We know what to look for and how to document evidence of child abuse or unsafe activities. Our investigation will provide you with peace of mind, or the evidence you need to take your child out of the unsafe situation.

Older Child Welfare Investigations

We also conduct surveillance on behalf of parents of older children, who may be concerned about the illegal or self-destructive activities of their child. We gather evidence for the sole purpose of assisting parents with intervention and protection of their child from harm, before the problem becomes more serious and without the involvement of law enforcement.

Concerned parents are sometimes frustrated by a lack of knowledge about the activities of their high school and college aged children. They feel that something is wrong, but faced with their child’s denials, they feel there is nothing they can do about it.

We provide you with documented evidence of your child’s activities – through surveillance logs, photos and video. Sometimes a professional report and video, showing the child engaged in the harmful activity is enough to break through to them. There is no denying the truth when it is on video tape. The evidence is yours to do with as you please. You can destroy the only copy, or keep it to remind your child if he or she relapses.

Video proof: We obtain video proof – for YOUR use.

Alcohol or drug use:

Drug Use Test: We offer at home tests you can do to test for the presence of the 10 most common drugs in your child’s system.

Illegal activities


Computer addiction and Internet Bars: An increasing percentage of our youths are falling victim to internet addiction. They play computer games constantly and begin to only feel alive when they are on the computer. In some cases, the computer fantasy world begins to feel more real to them than the real world. Is your child addicted to video games? Are they using the internet to watch adult movies? What are they doing online?

Safe Computer Use Consultation: We consult with parents and children to help them to understand how the internet works and how to use it safely. We also assist parents with the installation of tracking and blocking software that controls what your child can do on the internet, while at the same time, keeping you informed.

Recovery of Lost or Kidnapped Children and Runaways

Finding lost or kidnapped children requires quick action, coordination with law enforcement and street smart, local investigators on the ground, following up leads.

Involvement of the media and the public can be a big part of the equation as well, but all must be coordinated carefully and in cooperation with the proper authorities.

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