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AsiaOTG Investigation provides investigation in Xiamen, for our attorney, business, insurance company and individual clients. We provide factory checks, background checks, due diligence, interviews, inspections, cheating spouse investigations and other types of investigation.

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Information about Xiamen

For Xiamen investigations, our local Xiamen investigators can help. Whether you need to serve documents on an individual or company or interview a witness in Xiamen, our detectives are standing by. Our Xiamen private investigators are skilled at conducting Xiamen background checks and Xiamen asset searches. We are also able to handle cases involving marital infidelity in Xiamen.

Xiamen is in Fujian Province , a sub-provincial city , is the five cities with independent planning is also one of the country’s first batch of opening five special economic zones enjoy the same provincial-level economic management authority and have the local legislative power. Located in the southeastern Fujian Province, western and Zhangzhou adjacent to the north of Quanzhou , southeast and Kinmen Island across the sea, was a Communist parties from the shortest front-line positions, the two sides have been hostile fire during the stretching. Famous attractions Gulangyu , Jimei back together , Man Shek Botanical Garden , Xiamen University , Haicang Bridge , Tongan movie , Xiamen Garden Expo , South Putuo Temple and so on. An area of 1573 square kilometers, a population of about 353 million people ( sixth census data).

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