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AsiaOTG Investigation provides investigation in Tangshan, for our attorney, business, insurance company and individual clients. We provide factory checks, background checks, due diligence, interviews, inspections, cheating spouse investigations and other types of investigation.

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Information about Tangshan

Tangshan, due to the urban central city of Mountain (formerly Tangshan) named. Tang Dynasty when Li Shimin two conquests, have stationed themselves in the urban cities now Hill, Hill gave Don surname , Tangshan thus named. Tangshan is a modern coastal city. Tangshan is located in the Bohai Bay center (south of the famous Tangshan Bay ), south of the Bohai Sea , north of Yanshan , East and Qinhuangdao City, bordering the West and Beijing , Tianjin, adjacent to the connection north , the northeast region of the throat to the two and extremely important corridor. Tangshan City, Hebei economic center, but also China’s future development prospects of the best cities.

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