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AsiaOTG Investigation provides investigation in Lanzhou, for our attorney, business, insurance company and individual clients. We provide factory checks, background checks, due diligence, interviews, inspections, cheating spouse investigations and other types of investigation.

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Information about Lanzhou

Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu , and the regional center in northwest China city, located in the territory of China Land geometric center , is one of China’s seven military Lanzhou Military Region Headquarters, 18 China Railway Bureau quoted one of the Lanzhou Railway Bureau headquarters, the urban north and south group surrounded by mountains, something the Yellow River through the city, with a band characteristic of the city basin, located in the Yellow River, is in the temperate continental climate. The annual average precipitation is 360mm, the annual average temperature is 9.3 ℃, annual sunshine hours average 2446 hours, frost-free period 180 days. Lanzhou is the only Yellow River through the city and the capital city, urban yard, hydrostatic mountain move, forming a unique and beautiful cityscape . Confrontation between North and South mountains, something the Yellow River through the city, meandering over a hundred years.

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