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AsiaOTG Investigation provides investigation in Hong Kong, for our attorney, business, insurance company and individual clients.

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Our Services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fast-paced and challenging environment for investigations.  Our investigations in Hong Kong are handled by our experienced local investigators with supervision and quality control by our main office.  We conduct many types of investigations in Hong Kong, but a large percentage of our cases focus on:

  • Background checks – company ownership
  • Domestic surveillance / Cheating spouse investigations
  • Trade show investigations
  • Due diligence Investigations

Our male and female investigators handle the cases based on their strengths and expertise and are focused one achieving your case goals in Hong Kong.  For a free consulatation, please contact us by email or telephone.  https://www.asiaotg.com//request-for-free-consultation

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!  Below, please find more infomation about Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Courts

The Judiciary of Hong Kong is responsible for all civil and criminal cases in Hong Kong.  The judiciary is divided as follows:

The Court of Final Appeal:

Is the highest appellate court in Hong Kong. 

The High Court:

Is comprised of the Court of Appeal and the Court of First Instance.

  • The Court of AppealHears appeals of civil and criminal cases from the District Court and the Court of First Instance.  It also rules on questions of law, as referred by lower courts.
  • The Court of First Instance:  Has an unlimited jurisdiction in criminal and civil cases.  This court also hears matters involving family matters, adoption, probate and bankruptcy.  A jury consists of 7 members, or 9, when ordered by a judge.
The District Court:

This is the intermediate court in Hong Kong, with jurisdiction over both criminal and civil matters up to $ 1 Million.  In criminal matters, the maximum term of imprisonment may not exceed 7 years.

The Magistrates’ Court:

Has jurisdiction over criminal matters, with a general limit of two years of imprisonment or fines up to $100,000.

Hong Kong’s special courts and tribunals include:

  • The Small Claims TribunalDeals with civil claims, which do not exceed $50,000.  Proceedings are informal and parties may not use an attorney.
  • The Coroners Court
  • The Lands Tribunal
  • The Labour Tribunal
  • The Obscene Articles Tribunal

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