China Missing Person Reunion

A Missing Person Case Study

We find that China missing person cases are rewarding and fulfilling. We recently finished a case that brought joy to our hearts and would like to share it with you. We are leaving out the specific locations and the names for privacy purposes.

We were contacted by a volunteer at an amazing, philanthropic organization, Alliance for Smiles. This organization travels the world, helping children with cleft lip and palate anomalies.

Alliance for Smiles has helped many children in Western China. One of the children, who we will call QW had a compelling story and the organization asked for our help in reuniting QW with her mother.

QW’s was born with a severe lip and nose deformity. She lived with her mother, father, brother and sister in a small village in rural China. When QW was 11, her father died in a vehicle accident. One year later, QW’s mother was kidnapped from their village and QW and her two siblings were turned over to their grandmother. When QW’s mother did not come back, QW dropped out of school to help support her younger sister and younger brother.

When Alliance for Smiles met QW, they operated on her lip and nose, correcting her facial anomaly. They then asked us if we could help QW find her mother, who had now been missing for 7 years. We took the case and helped QW to file a missing persons report. We then coordinated with the police, who responded with diligence and cooperation. They found that QW’s mother was now living in a province, far away. When QW’s mother was kidnapped 7 years ago, she had been taken more than 3000km away and sold to work and raise children.

We contacted QW’s mother and arranged for QW and a family member to take the long trip to travel to the far off province for a happy reunion with QW’s mother for the first time in 7 years. After seeing QW, her mother wanted to return to her home town to re-unite with her other two children, QW’s little brother and sister as well. However, QW’s mother’s current husband refused to allow her to go. We interceded, talked, cajoled and negotiated with the husband until he finally allowed QW’s mother to leave Mongolia and travel to QW’s hometown.

Upon QW and her mother’s return to their hometown, QW’s mother saw the man who kidnapped her and sold her, still living in the village. QW and her mother reported the matter to the police, who are investigating charges against the kidnapper now.

We are happy to say that QW is happy to be re-united with her mother. She is back in school. Thanks to Alliance for Smiles, her lip and nose have been repaired and she is looking forward to a bright future.

China Missing Person Reunion
QW meeting her mom. 🙂

China Missing Person and Child Welfare Investigations

These are the cases we enjoy most. We approach each case with common sense and respect for the privacy and welfare of the parties involved. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your matter.